Not only did Bey surprise the whole world with her unexpected single, SB performance, & world tour announcement, she also dropped a collection with exclusive merchandise, revolving around her new single ‘Formation’. The merchandise features loungewear clothing & accessories. Some of the best lyrics off of Formation are also printed on most products. ‘You that bitch when you cause all of this conversation’, is literally one of our favorite lines, which is printed on Iphone cases & shirts. It’s an exciting time to see Bey stand out of her element & slay things up! 

Check out some of our favorite pieces below.

Bey_Fresher_Crewneck_ModelB_Tshirt_Mens_BlackB_iPhone6s_CaseB_ToteBey_FreshScarf_BeyonceBey_FreshScarf_ModelBey_Smackit4X_Pullover_ModelBey_PinkBars_Model_2To get your hands on, The Formation Collection, visit