You’ve seen her designs on numerous celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Scherzinger, and all of the Kardashians. Now every girl can dream of walking in the same shoes, or clothing to be precise, as the most famous A-listers in our time. The HBIC behind the brand is 21 year old Conna Walker from London, England. The young entrepreneur started her business at age 17 by simply buying and selling clothing on her eBay account. Her account became so popular that in order to not be restrained by eBay’s policies, she decided to start her own website called Celeb Boutique. Eventually she got tired of the clothing that she kept buying and reselling, that she started partnering up with designers and factories to make clothing in house. When asked what the typical House of CB customer is, Walker describes her as a girl who is sociable and flaunts her curves.

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The future of House of CB looks bright, as they head into the new year with the vision of expanding more stores not only in London, but in the United States as well. Be sure to be on the lookout for the sister clothing line called Mistress Rocks, which is an affordable, less extravagant type of clothing.With a bright future ahead Conna Walker is an inspiration to young designers who are motivated and passionate for what they love doing.

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