1234 Creations is a creative team comprised of young visionaries who stay true to their craft. This agency provides its creatives with a platform to share their visions, opinions, and works of art. Their radio station, 1234 WORLD, on Dash Radio consists of segments ranging from talks of self healing to chopped and screwed jams. This LA based creative group threw “1 More Party in LA” at Los Globos, which was filled with live performances, good music, and a carefree atmosphere.




Intimate shows where the curators and the audience can connect is a magical place. “1 More Party in LA” was just that. Strangers instantaneously created bonds through their shared love for music- even if it was just for one night.

Towards the end of the night, “Ultralight Prayer” and “Ultralight Beam” played and a spiritual healing then took place. Kirk Franklin’s testimony echoed throughout the venue and everyone sang along to “Ultralight Beam”, belting out each word.



Check out 1234 Creations’ official website to stay updated with their upcoming shows and moves.