Last week Drake’s latest album ‘VIEWS’ finally dropped, and we have to say, it was definitely worth the wait! Smooth beats, serene lyricism, and catchy hooks. One of the most popular songs on the project was ‘One Dance’ which really stood out. The track starts out with straight Island feels, and a chick with a hypnotizing hook. After obsessing with the song for a few weeks now since it’s initial drop, we looked into the female feature that really contributed to the vibes of the song. Turns out, Kyla’s song ‘Do you Mind?’ released in 2011, actually inspired Drake’s One Dance. And after listening to Kyla’s version, ‘One Dance’ definitely took the single and sampled Kyla’s original song.
The UK-based artist reveals that she didn’t believe Drake’s team actually wanted to use the track, she neglected to answer calls from his camp and didn’t pay much attention to the matter because she though it was a joke, until the OVO camp started contacting her in regards to legal terms & ownership of the song. The singer has admitted that she has slowed down her music career to focus on motherhood. However, with this unexpected sampled feature on Drake’s new album, Kyla is determined to get her music-flow back again, by spending more time on her music career. Check out Kyla’s original version ‘Do you Mind?’ as well as ‘One Dance’ below.