I’m speeding on the Bay Bridge trying to teleport to the Surf Club in Oakland, a bit late. Tia, keeps texting me, thinking I backed out last minute. But I finally pull up at the front of the shop. Extremely nervous, people didn’t realize this was the first time I was DJing for Tia. Mind you, we hadn’t even practiced but for some reason we knew we were going to be good because we were on the same wavelength. Tia was opening up for Queens D. Light. The top of the Surf Club was pretty much packed as we tried to make our way to the front of the crowd. Tia seemed comfortable & everyone was making their way to the booth. As I played her first track, she flawlessly nailed the song, speaking to the audience & controlling the overall vibes of the room. That’s when I realized, this girl really had the ability to speak to people in a captivating way. During & even after the performance, we kept on giving each other props, back & forth. It was comforting to see so many people gravitate towards her, including the Based God himself.


Two years later, after lots of shows in different cities, and countless hours in the Studio, Tia releases her long-awaited Debut EP ‘Holloween’. When asked about her latest project, Tia mentions, she focused on the quality of music & really didn’t rush herself. Indulging in her sound & focusing on her craft, was a very important factor in Tia’s music process, as she has really remained true to herself & her music over the past years. Holloween is a peak into her life, her views, and state of mind. The 15-track EP produced by Exclusive, is fused with different sounds, & features a variety of artists including IAMSU, Skipper, HBK CJ, & Chippass.


Since meeting young Tia, I’ve gotten to know much more than just her music. She’s always had a way to incorporate love & passion into everything she does. Her devotion to the Bay Area & her girl-gang remains stronger than ever. When asked about the feelings behind Holloween debuting, Tia mentions,

“The thing is, I’m not looking for fame or anything, I just want people to enjoy the music. It’s very personal to me, 3 years in the making, it’s really all about the music”

IMG_0411 (Photos By Rob Suguitan, @Rawkbeez)

Tia’s project is now available on Itunes & Tidal. Stream the project below, and keep up to date with Tia, as she gets ready for a busy year.

Twitter: @Tiayesmore