Ashton West is an up and coming fashion designer raised out of the Bronx, NY with his simple, clean and prestige designs he’s setting out to create his own trend for men and women’s wear. I was able to interview him and get a feel on why he chose fashion. When I asked him why fashion? he replied with “I’ve always been into fashion as a kid. My mom got me into it at a young age, it’s something I enjoy doing and I wouldn’t want to do anything else”.

Knowing that he is not just creating for one kind of market in the fashion world but catering to both men and women is inspiring, especially when fashion designers tend to creating for just men or just women but not Ashton he’s tackling both. So of course I had to ask him why men and women’s wear? “I have this crazy passion for women’s wear and men’s wear. I actually get a lot of my style from women. A lot of my woman’s designs are based off of men’s fashion.  Weird… Right lol”. Not weird at all actually, but very unique knowing how women’s fashion can inspire men’s so much.

He recently released a few pieces on his site for his SS16 collection. I asked him a few more questions behind his motivation, his inspiration, his current collection and what his ultimate goal is with his brand and he replied to me with very humbling answers.

“I’m self motivated, I know where I want to go and I plan on going there, no matter how much time it takes. I get inspired from everyone around me. New York City alone is a melting pot of inspiration, you just have to find it”.

“Fashion design is something I would always love and want to do. My current collection is inspired by the style and fashion of New York City. The everyday person”.

“My ultimate goal is to create a global brand”.

Ashton’s take on fashion and on how he creates is very unique and being unique in this world is your biggest weapon. I see a bright future for him with self motivation and drive to never give up.

To see more of his work check out his website