The Hey Ma team recently got a chance to catch up with one of our favorite DJ’s, our girl Wednesday! From playing at festivals, to parties, all while producing tracks of her own, Wednesday continues to spread good vibes with her music & overall personality. Get to know her a bit better & check out her featured mix for Hey Ma!
First off, How’s your summer going?
Hey! It’s been good…Haven’t been to the beach yet which is unacceptable BUT I have been in the studio working on new summer tunes which should be coming out soon!

Where did the name Wednesday originate from?
Who doesn’t love hump day? Just kidding. Wednesday Addams was my muse in middle school when I thought I was super punk. The nickname just kind of stuck and when I first started DJing I would wear different variations of the Wednesday dress. Later on, I met a DJ named Penelope Tuesdae at the Playboy Mansion and we would play shows together!

Give us a little background on yourself
I was born in Las Vegas but grew up in the Bay Area. I’m actually a classically trained vocalist and my dream was being on Broadway. Thanks to my parents I grew up appreciating all music from Tupac and Biggie to Bowie and Sondheim. That changed when I was in high school and my dad starting throwing parties in LA. My brother and I would go to all his events and that’s where I experienced (in my opinion) the hay day of Los Angeles nightlife and DJ culture. After seeing DJ AM perform and meeting him I was hooked on the concept of being the lifeblood of the party and focused on learning everything I could about mixing. I was very fortunate to having experienced DJs teach me the ropes and I think that my appreciation for all genres of music helped me to form a type of creative mixing.
We also know you have been producing your own tracks, working on any special projects or EP’s?
Yes! I have some new original tracks coming out on 40oz Cult which is a label started by my brother Dack Janiels, Hami, and myself. I also have some collaborations in the works with Dubstep producer P0gman, techno producer Sir Roscoe, and the SF duo Manics.

What is your outlook on being a Female DJ in a Male-dominated Industry?
Sadly, I think that being a female in this industry is tough. You get scrutinized by guys and girls alike which is very sad. Some males seem to think females get booked because of looks or gimmicks and I have seen women hesitant to support other women. BUT I think that mentality is changing due to the expansion of social media and we are currently living in a girl power revolution which is super dope. I also think that as more and more females kill it, they prove that as long as the music is there than who cares.

Do you have any advice for young Female DJ’s trying to breakthrough in the Music Industry?
Don’t give anyone a reason to judge you. Work hard and have integrity when it comes yourself and your brand. Don’t give anyone a reason to question you. I think that there is a lot of judgement when it comes to this industry, but if you put the time and work into your craft then you have just as much reason to be onstage than the next girl or guy. Surround yourself with positive people who can give you feedback and who will support you if you play to a room of 10 or 10,000.

Where can we see you play next?
I’m playing Bass Camp Festival IV in Lake Tahoe on August 7th.

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Twitter: @WednesdayDJ
Instagram: @DJWednesday