We recently caught up with San Diego’s own, our girl Vii. We had the pleasure to check out Vii’s set at our recent Sadie Hawkins Dance, & we were captivated by her sound. Vii’s sound selection is what makes her stand out! She has a way of mixing different sounds & genres without sticking to the norm, a true ‘No-Genre‘ DJ at it’s best.

Check out Vii’s sounds on our Guest Mix ‘Fo Dat Ass’ and get to know her better below!

vii-1(Photo Cred: @Veeejzilla)

How has your summer been?

Summer 2016 has been non-freaking-stop. It’s been a lot about taking advantage of the opportunities I would normally be afraid to take and it’s really made this summer memorable. I’m loving every moment of it.

Give us a little background on yourself. (Where are you from, How/ When you started DJing?)

I’m a 23 years old multimedia artist born and raised in San Diego, CA. I’ve been mixing for about 6 months now and it’s become an obsession. If I’m not mixing, then I’ve got my hands on a camera, capturing anything and anywhere.

vii-4(Photo Cred: @Veeejzilla)

When did you fall in love with music?

Oh wow. I mean music has always been in my life. Car rides with my dad exposed me to heavy doses of 70s and 80s music from Earth, Wind, and Fire to The Police and car rides with my mom exposed me to classical jazz and artists like Sade and Norah Jones.

What was the first artist or genre that you couldn’t get enough of?

Old school hip hop. I fell head over heels when I was about 13 after I was put on to The Roots by my aunt’s MySpace music player (LOL). After that, I went from ballistic over rappers like Mos Def and Gang Starr and started getting really intrigued by producers like Nujabes and Exile. I went to Rock the Bells one year and saw Erykah Badu live and she’s mesmerized me ever since; I listen to her every single day.

What is your process behind collecting music and curating mixes?

I don’t even know if I have a process yet. I’m always listening to music on Soundcloud, Spotify, or YouTube and just throwing songs into mass playlists based off how they make me groove. I’ve usually got about 3 playlists building at the same time that usually end up into different mixes that all have a different feel.

vii-5(Photo Cred: @Veeejzilla)

What was your inspiration behind this mix?

First, shoutout to Beatrice for inspiring the name of this mix. I am forever stuck saying the phrase “Fo dat ass” because of her. Double shoutout to her for making the cover art for it.

This inspiration for this mix is as chaotic as the mix itself. I had a lot of pent up energy from some trips I took to the Bay, where I got to play my first show out of San Diego. That itself was probably the most inspiring part. Seeing the hustle of the creative community up there really made me want to push things into the next gear.

Where can we see you play next?

I’ve got a couple of shows lined up within the two months in San Diego, but I’m really trying to find opportunities to play in other cities. So I guess the real question is: Where should I go next?
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To keep up with Vii and catch her at a city near you soon, be sure to follow all of her Social Media Accounts below. We’re excited to see where Vii’s music will take her next!

Soundcloud: @Vii
Twitter: @hello_vii
Instagram: @hello.vii