Recently caught up with long-time friend & homie, Willis & touched base on his latest projects & moves. From shooting campaigns with well-known companies to shooting beautiful women all-around, Willis is always finding a way to create & inspire. His work isn’t only amazing, but it truly does tell a story. As Willis gets ready to travel around the world on his next adventure, we caught up with him just after he shot at Afropunk Fest in NY. Get to know the artist better,trust us, it will only be a matter of time before you see his work in your favorite publication.


HM: Where are you from?

AW: Originally was born in Hayward, California but been a nomad all my life moving all over the place around northern California to Colorado. Every year is a different venture aha.

HM: Where are you currently living now?

AW: Currently I’m based in Brooklyn, New York for another week or so.

HM: What inspires you, or captivates your vision?

AW: This is such a loaded question i swear for me I’m inspired by so much this world is full of beautiful things to be inspired by. Yet, if I had to narrow it down id say I’m most inspired by the people around me, nature, abstract stuff. I love colors and shadows.


HM: You recently went to Afropunk fest, how was your experience?

AW: Afropunk is always an amazing experience so many beautiful people and good energy. This year was little over crowded for the space give as the venue but aye what can you do but just make the best out of it and had fun.

HM: Did you catch any good music sets?

AW: I only went Sunday this year but i caught a good amount of them.

HM:What was the highlight of your time at Afropunk?

AW: Not only getting to see Bad Brains perform but enjoying it the punkest way possible and getting wild in the mosh pit with my brotha Duckwrth.


HM: Best Summer ’16 moment?

AW: Best moment hmm I’d have to say the collaboration I did with VSCO Open Studio it was such a great opportunity and was ecstatic about the outcome of the pieces I created.

HM: What’s next for Will?

AW: Next up is to go explore the world to grow, create and enjoy life. I leave for Portugal on September 13th.


Much love to Willis for taking the time to catch up with us. Make sure to keep in touch with his work & creations below.

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Instagram: @Visualsbywillis
VSCO: @Austinwillis