img_4143What a week it had been, especially with so many events happening all at once. Of course we couldn’t miss this one in particular with one of our own DJ’ing the event all throughout the evening. Held at one of our favorite venues in Oakland, The New Parish always provides the right space and vibes to curate an event like this. The evening started with a zine party out in the patio which had booths from Not ur Baby, Tombogo, Trap X Art, Hey Ma, Tangible Gallery, and many more. It’s amazing to see an event bring people together who want to connect, use their resources to find inspiration and build. Once you leave the patio and walk inside, you are absorbed in by the music that the vibey Drea Faux Real provides as well as the Amazing MC DNas. Together they kept the crowd hyped, wether it was playing Kaytranada to Nina Sky. Down 2 Earth‘s performance brought that Old school Hip Hop vibe that we love to hear. It shows that there are artists out there that don’t have to only rap about money, gangs, and power to feel and be respected. The talent didn’t stop there, with Joyce Wrice providing her amazing vocals and Jay Ant performing his best songs, the energy felt addictive as everyone anticipated the main Headliner Masego to come on. Finally it was the conclusion everyone had waited for, as Masego was his own band, DJ, and artist all in one. Providing his beats that are known and bringing out his saxophone, the crowd went wild for his performance. Overall, the night was one that we will never forget, from the beginning to the end it will stay with us forever.






Until the next Oakland Music Festival, stay tuned with all their events by following their Social Medias and checking out their website.

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