Talk about a comeback (Crying emoji). The beloved trio that is N.E.R.D is finally back. Group members, Pharrell, Chad Hugo, & Shay Hayley have teamed up with Rihanna for their return single ‘Lemon’. Since 2014, loyal N.E.R.D fans have been waiting long for the group’s comeback. Their last project, Nothing was released in 2010 and although the group has been mad quiet for a while they all individually have been killing the game in their own lanes. Rumors about a full-length project titled, ‘No_One Ever Really Dies’ is set to be in the works, but not confirmed as of yet.

This track is definitely a banger though, and who said RiRi didn’t have bars? Go ahead girl. Watch the new visual for ‘Lemon’ & make sure to catch N.E.R.D this weekend at ComplexCon in Long Beach.