With strict invite-only policies and grand presentations like that of Ralph Lauren’s 50th anniversary show at the Bethesda Terrace, it’s refreshing to see designers have fun with what is usually a very uptight New York Fashion Week. Coming to the rescue are The Blonds, a NY-bred and based design duo known for their OTT outfits and defiance of the austere runway format. Inspired by Disney villains, The Blonds SS 2019 show had no shortage of stunts, gags, and rhinestone pants.

Here are the top 5 moments that had the audience clutching their pearls.

5. PatrickStarrr

It hasn’t been a great year for a lot of beauty gurus, but PatrickStarrr proves that it’s possible to make it through summer ‘18 without a scandal. On the runway, Starrr was dressed in an Ursula-inspired getup and flanked by two svelte sidekicks donning trendy two-toned glasses of sorts. Starrr took his time sauntering down the runway, flashing fins and giving wicked face in the process.

Watch at 3:58

4. Hungry

From across the pond, Berlin native and drag/makeup artist Hungry made a NYC catwalk appearance showcasing their signature distorted makeup—an apt look for the sinister theme of the evening. As the artist responsible for Bjork’s striking mug on most recent album Utopia, Hungry flexed their own charisma on The Blonds runway, slinking like a chic insect and staring down their audience like prey.

Watch at 5:17

3. DesmondIsAmazing

Pre-teen drag queen DesmondIsAmazing left nothing on the stage. Showing his older cohort that he can hold his own amongst the nightlife legends, the confident young star made sure there were no twirls left unturned as he stomped offstage. Making it clear that fashion is about expression and inclusion, Desmond is the epitome of The Blonds’ brand—a glittery middle finger to the establishment.

Watch at 11:37

2. Paris Hilton (With Pup)

Ocean grown aughts megastar Paris Hilton launched a flurry of flashes with little but a smirk and a tiny pup nestled in her arm as she blessed the catwalk with her indelible presence. Wearing a tongue-in-cheek Cruella de Vil-inspired outfit, Hilton managed to generate as much audience excitement as she did over a decade ago with her iconic nightlife antics.

Watch at 8:50

1. Leiomy Maldonado

Voguing the house down and inciting the most ruckus of the event was Pose series choreographer and newly minted NYFW goddess Leiomy Maldonado. Bringing ballroom straight from the source to an energetic midtown crowd, Maldonado (known simply as “Wonder Woman” in the vogue scene) worked the stage with the confidence of a generation of catwalk divas, bringing the house down with each dip. What’s more, she didn’t even close the show or have the most jaw-dropping outfit—it’s just pure presence, baby.

Watch at 6:30