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Hey Ma started as an idea two years ago. Being a woman in industries relating around Fashion, Music, & Art, can still feel like a challenge. Although Women are evidently seen in these industries frequently, there is still not enough exposure & encouragement directed towards women in these pertaining industries. When ‘Hey Ma‘ came to mind, it allowed me to really focus on creating a platform that would bring more like-minded people together. Bringing diversity, & positivity into the site is what we focus on doing. Now we all know, all people aren’t the same, & quite honestly society doesn’t really push boundaries as far as encouraging individuals to be themselves. That’s where we step in, our goal is to curate content, playlists, events, podcasts, and form a platform, in which individuals can find comfort & entertainment in. Breaking boundaries & stereotypes is at the forefront of our mission.


Run by a few ladies, The Hey Ma crew is committed to really merging lifestyles & cultures. Since I could remember, we’ve always enjoyed staying on top of trends, going to music events, attending art shows, & overall curating cool things. That’s when we realized, we could all contribute something special to the Internet & Social Media all-around. Currently we are operating out of San Francisco, Los Angeles, & New York. With contributors in each of these cities, we are even more focused on delivering up to date news & updates relating to those areas.


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