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Hey Ma

Hey ma x joanna diimes

Known for her edgy, asymmetrical designs Joanna Diimes has been killing the fashion game. At such a young age she’s already established herself a force to be reckoned with. We recently got to chat with her about her brand and where the inspiration comes from

What is your name, the name of your clothing line, and the reason behind that name?

I am Joanna, my line is “Constructed For Women” by JoannaDiimes. I guess you can say the “Diimes” after my name was attached to me since the birth of social media. I was very into women streetwear growing up and my favorite brand was “Dimepiece LA,” it was a good representation of feminism and it stuck with me. I appreciate feminism in my own way, my only tattoo is the feminist symbol so I wanted to start something that somehow still gave that message when I would turn menswear (like Supreme) into womens which lead the line I use “Constructed for Women.” 

Where are you from, and where do you currently reside?

I am from California, I reside in Los Angeles.  Always been here, probably won’t leave anytime soon  

What style would you say represents you the most?

I feel like my style is still evolving, I usually go by the mood I’m in. However, I would say I usually give sexy, sporty/tomboyish vibes. 

Did you study Fashion in College or would you say you’re Self-Taught?

I took two fashion related classes in college but that’s about it. For the most part I am self-taught, anything I wanted to really know I’d usually look it up and figure it out on my own. 

Who are your biggest inspirations when it comes to your brand?

Ahh there’s so many talented creative people that I admire, I could never name just one person. It can start from watching fashion documentaries to Virgil Abloh. 

“I see my line at an elevating respected level with few employees, continuing to create clothes women love themselves in”

We have noticed you work on reconstructing some brands like champion and Supreme into completely new outfits, why is that? 

Well I’ve always admired Supreme for what how they represent themselves, their cool releases, & how hyped people get when they do release new items. And I had this design stuck in my head which was a double strap top but I didn’t know what I was going to use to make it, I didn’t want it to be basic.  Till’ I was in Supreme store on Fairfax and it kinda just clicked to me, purchased a pair of Mens Boxer Briefs, took it apart and voila’!  

If you could design and work for any person in the world, who would it be? 

If I could work for Christian Dior or Off-White in any way that I could, that’d be pretty cool. 

At the moment, what is your favorite brand besides your own that you are wearing and why? 

At the moment,  “IAMGIA” is becoming my favorite. I love their pants, it’s edgy with hints of bold colors. 

What is your inspiration for fall, any ideas?

For fall, I’ve been attracted to certain colors/patterns like plaid, nude/white, yellow, blue tones. For a few things I will be releasing it’ll contain bunch of pockets, tracksuit fit pants, constructed crop tops. 

With a following on the rise of your line, where do you see yourself within the next 5 years? 

I see my line at an elevating respected level with few employees, continuing to create clothes women love themselves in. I want to make this a forever thing with still creating.  Knowing myself,  I’d probably be invested into other up-coming women businesses….On the cover of Vogue? lol 

You can keep up with Joanna Diimes and her clothing line through social media



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