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Hey Ma

Hey Ma x Red Corvette

Caught up with our good friend, and our favorite curator, Carmena also known as Red Corvette. With so much under her belt, we sat down with her for an interview and she also cooked up an exclusive mix for us. Check it out below.

Give us a little background on yourself…

I am Red Corvette DJ & Co-Founder of the Women in Music, Bay Area Festival from San Francisco. I began DJing about 4 years ago but have been a lover of R&B all my life.  I started DJing because I was fascinated by the art of scratching and music selection.  I also love to travel, practice self-care, and food.

How would you describe your sound & what’s your favorite type of music to mix?

I am open format DJ specializing in smooth groovy beats & bed squeaky slaps. lol Meaning I play funky contemporary remixes, 90’s-present R&B, with a side of Bay Area classics. My goal when I am on the decks, is usually to make everyone move and sing off key with me.

What is your outlook on being a Female DJ in a Male-dominated Industry?

I never wanted to put myself in a box because I am a women and I DJ so I don’t refer to myself as a female DJ. I want to be recognized as being good because I am good. I also want to be an advocate for women inclusion and education throughout the music industry. I don’t want us to be questioned or be the token. I want women to collaborate and support one another because it’s ten times harder for us to overcome our fears of failure and hating from all angles.

More than just a DJ, we see you as a visionary. Can you tell us more about your involvement with different projects including the platform ‘Women In Music’?

Earlier this year, my friend Vang and I co-founded and produced the Women in Music Festival [WIM], 4 days and 11 events. The goal with WIM is to bring together women from all areas of the music industry and encourage more female participation, empowerment, and raise awareness to women breaking ground. Right now WIM is in the middle of our Fall/Winter schedule and will begin planning for next years festival. I am so excited for year two and WIM brings me so much joy. To keep up with our next events, visit WIMBAYAREA.COM and follow @wimbayarea on all social media sites.

What is one of the greatest lessons you’ve learned from your career thus far?

It’s tough for me to pick just one but I guess focus on your love & passion for music to get you thru those times of self-doubt, haters, and success. I know if your reading this you understand the downside but I asked and prayed for so many things that I am scared when they work.

Any advice you would give to aspiring Female DJ’s & Entrepreneurs?

Self-Care is key.  With all of the stresses of the unknown and anxieties I’ve gained from wins and losses I take the time when needed to do self-activities daily. i.e. Create a gratitude jar and get rest unless you want to look old and tired. Keep failing until it works. Don’t let anything discourage you from your dreams and aspirations, press thru and worker harder. Work just as hard when no one is looking. Self explanatory.🌻

No limits-what is your ultimate goal?

As a DJ, I want to stay booked daily playing the most extravagant fashion parties, tours, and award shows. I also want to have a family and show my kids the world. Lastly, I want the Women In Music Festival to have chapters/franchises in other markets and eventually have a foundation to help young women that want to pursue a career in music.

These goals also are constantly changing so stay tuned. 🌻🌻

Stay tapped in with Red Corvette as she touches down in a city near you soon!

IG: @djredcorvette Soundcloud: Red Corvette

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